Translating texts in your app

Translating texts in your app

Step 1: In your SimiCart Dashboard, you should see the Language tab on the left menu. There are many national flags with its own languages:


Step 2: Select a target language you want to be translated in your app. Now you should see a list of words as image below and be able to translate or edit them in the box.

In this example, we have already translated all texts.


Step 3: If you find any word/sentence shown in your app, but not displayed in the list, please click Add New button, and then you just need to fill in the source and target language in correlative box and Save it.


Note: You are not allowed to use some special characters in Language Tab such as (parenthesis), “quotation marks”, [square brackets], {curly brackets}, etc., unless your translation is not applied in target language.

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