Install SimiCart Mobile App Connector

Install SimiCart Mobile App Connector

After purchasing SimiCart mobile app and logging into your account, click App Management to go to your Dashboard. To get started, on the navigation bar, click on Integration. The Connector needs to be installed in the Magento backend to sync your app and your website. If you are familiar with installing extensions for Magento sites, then it should not be a problem to install the Native App Connector.

Step 1: Install Connector using SSH client

  1. Download the Mobile App Connector on GitHub:
  2. Extract the downloaded package
  3. Enable cache on your site: Go to System > Cache Management. Choose all caches and select action Enable and click Submit
  4. Use a FTP client (such as Filezilla, WinSCP, cuteFtp) to upload the extracted files to your Magento root directory; then run upgrade command and then compile command to install the plugin.





  5. After the upload process completes, log in to your Magento administration panel. Go to System > Cache Management. Select all caches and select the action Refresh and then Submit.
  6. On the main menu of your Magento administration panel, if you can see the SimiCart tab, it means that SimiCart Connector is installed properly. If you get the message "Access denied error" when clicking on SimiCart tab, you need to log out of the admin panel and log in again

Step 2: Verification

  1. Go to your Dashboard > Integration > Install Connector section, save the Secret Key and Token Key to use in the next step.

  2. In your backend, go to SimiCart > General Settings. Copy Secret Key & Token Key on SimiCart Dashboard and paste into the corresponding fields in your backend

  3. Go back to your SimiCart Dashboard > Integration > Install Connector again. Enter your website URL and click Verify.

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