How to get Instagram Access Token

How to get Instagram Access Token


You will need:
  1. A Facebook Developer Account
  2. A public Instagram account
  3. A public website that you own

Step 1: Create a Facebook App

Go to, click My Apps > Create App and choose the Consumer or None app type.

Once you have created the app and are in the App Dashboard, navigate to Settings > Basic, scroll to the bottom of page, and click Add Platform.

Choose Website, add your website’s URL, and save your changes.

Step 2: Configure Instagram Basic Display

On the left menu > Products, click Add Product. Locate the Instagram Basic Display product, and click Set Up to add it to your app.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Create New App.

Fill in these information:
  1. Instagram Display Name: Enter a name for your app
  2. Valid OAuth Redirect URI: Enter your website's URL
  3. Deauthorize Callback URL: Enter your website's URL
  4. Data Deletion Request URL: Enter your website's URL
Then click Save Changes.

Scroll down to User Token Generator section and click Add Instagram Testers. You will be redirected to the Roles page.

Scroll down to Instagram Testers section. Click Add Instagram Testers.

Enter your Instagram account's username. Then click Submit.

Open a new web browser and go to and sign into your Instagram account that you just invited. Navigate to (Profile Icon) > Settings > Apps and Websites > Tester Invites and accept the invitation.

Go back to Instagram Basic Display settings page. Now you'll see your Instagram account in the list of Instagram Test Users. Click Generate Token.

A new window will pop out requesting your app access to your Instagram profile data. Click Allow.

Done! An Instagram Access Token is generated which you can use for third-party services, such as the Instagram Feeds element in Tapita Page Builder.

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