Facebook Login

Facebook Login

1. Register and configure a Facebook App

The account you use to register for Facebook Developer should be different from your personal Facebook account for security purpose and convenience in support.

Before creating a developer account, log in to your Facebook account. Then, go to https://developers.facebook.com/ then click on Get Started Button

You may need to provide your phone number for confirmation.

If you have completed verification step, you will see the below dialog. Click Next.

Specify your App name and Email then click Next.

You can choose a description or simply click Skip this step.

Click on Add Your First Product to create your Facebook App.

Your Facebook application dashboard will look like this

On your Dashboard page, you can see Facebook App Name and App ID. It will be used for adding on SimiCart dashboard later.

Go to SettingsBasic to enter Privacy Policy URL and upload an App Icon.

Go to your SimiCart dashboard and open Features page. Click Facebook Connect.

  1. Enable: Yes
  2. Facebook App ID: optained at previous step
  3. Facebook App Name: optained at previous step

Click Save to save the changes.

Screenshot at Jun 27 13-53-24.png

2. Publish your Facebook App

In your Facebook App dashboard > App Review, click on the switch button to make your app public.

Confirm the popup.

3. Add platforms for your Facebook App

We are going to add iOS and Android platforms to the Facebook app.

Go to Settings - Basic then choose Add Platform

  1. Add iOS platform

Fill all the required information into the fields.

  • Bundle ID: your mobile app ID

  • iPhone Store ID and iPad Store ID (optional) can be taken in your iTunesConnect dashboard after your app is published

Screenshot at Jun 27 11-45-21.png

  1. Add Android platform

Android platform should configured like below

  • Google Play Package Name: your mobile app ID

  • Class Name: enter com.simicart.core.MainActivity

  • Key Hashes: enter +nLeo5yDhUO0HrE8qTLcl/AMYDI= (This is only a test key and not valid for your app but is necessary for further steps)

Screenshot at Jun 27 11-31-04.png

Open your app and log in with Facebook, you will see the screen below. The text in the red rectangle is the real hash key for your app. Put this in the Key Hashes field in your Facebook Developer > Android app.

Facebook Hash Key is different between test app and release app. After you publish your app to Google Play, please do the above steps again.

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