Configure Simi API Cache

I. Introduction

Simi API Cache has the ability of caching the API response when Native App or PWA request API from server for the first time. The purpose is to speed up the retrieval of data when requesting that API again, which in turn helps the Native App or PWA load faster.

The API data is cached in a static file saved in the folder /media/simiapicache/simiapi_json/. When the Native App or PWA request API, server will prioritize access to the corresponding cache file to retrieve the data.

Currently Simi API cache is categorized into 4 types:

  • Home Page: API for displaying data on home pages
  • Product Detail: API for displaying data on product details page
  • Product List: API for displaying data on products listing page
  • Other Page: API for other pages

II. Settings

In your Magento backend, go to Simiconnector > User Experience > API Cache Settings.

  1. Enable API Cache: Enable/disable Simi API Cache.
  2. API Excluded Paths: Exclude API(s) from being cached.
  3. API Cache: Select the page(s) that you want to flush API cache for.
  4. Click Save to save your config.
  5. Flush API Cache: Remove the cached files from the selected pages in the API Cache config above.

Apart from these settings, when you enable Simi API Cache, every time you make any changes to your product settings in Catalog, the cache for that product will automatically be flushed.

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