Configure PWA & Send Push Notifications

I. Enable the PWA

  1. In your Magento backend, go to SimiCart PWA > Settings
  2. Push Notification and Offline Mode

    - Enable: Select Yes to enable both Push Notification and Offline Mode functions of PWA
    - Notification Icon URL (png): image URL of the notification icon (ends with “.png”)

  3. Add to Home Screen Button

    - Enable: Select Yes to enable the Add to Home Screen notification
    - App Name: The name that appears on PWA splash screen
    - App Short Name: The name of your PWA after you add it to mobile home screen
    - Icon URL (png): The image URL of your PWA icon which appears on home screen (ends with “.png”)
    - Theme Color: The color of PWA header
    - Background Color: The background color of your PWA splash screen

  4. Advanced PWA Configuration

    1. Enable PWA: Select Yes to enable advanced PWA configuration
    2. Enable Redirection: Select Yes to enable PWA redirection for your mobile site
    3. PWA Redirect IP(s): If you want to redirect only some specific IP addresses, enter them here
    4. PWA Excluded Paths: If you want to exclude any URLs from your PWA, enter their path here (separated by comma). Please note that any URL containing any of these path will be excluded from the PWA.
    5. PWA Logo URL: URL of the logo that appears in the web app’s header
    6. PWA Splash Image URL (png): URL of the splash screen image
    7. PWA Favicon URL: URL of the favicon for PWA
    8. Action (*After you make changes in Settings, you need to click this button(s) for the changes to take effect):
      • Build Sandbox PWA: Apply changes to the test PWA version (sandbox). The PWA sandbox has the form
      • Build Live PWA: Apply changes to the live PWA version on your website.
    9. Google Analytics Tracking ID: Add Google Analytics to track your PWA
    10. Custom Head: Add custom code inside the <head> tag of your PWA
    11. Custom Footer HTML: Add custom code inside the <footer> tag of your PWA
    12. Click Save Config to save your changes.
    13. Go to System > Tools > Cache Management to clear your cache.

II. Sending Push Notifications

Platform support

Browser Windows macOS Android iOS
Safari NO NO NO NO
Microsoft Edge NO NO NO NO
UC Browser NO NO NO NO
  1. In your Magento backend, go to SimiCart PWA > Manage Notification
  2. Click Add New Notification button

    - Title: The title of your notification
    - Image: Upload an image for your notification
    - Message: The message of your notification
    - Direct viewers to: You can choose what happens when users click on the push notification: go to a product page (Product In-app), a category page (Category In-app), or an external website (Website Page)
    - Product ID/Category/URL: Select which product/category/URL that you want to redirect viewers to. Click  button to show your product/category list.
    - Device IDs: You can choose to send the notification to one or multiple specific devices. Click  button to show a list of registered devices (users who click “Allow” when prompted to show notification for your PWA)
  3. When your notification is ready to be sent, click Send.
  4. If you want to save your notification for later use, click Save and Continue Edit.
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