Install PWA Connector

I. Install PWA Connector & SimiConnector

  1. Download PWA Connector:
  2. Download SimiConnector (skip this step if you already installed SimiConnector):
  3. Extract the downloaded packages
  4. Upload the extracted packages to Magento root directory
    Use an FTP client (such as FileZilla) to upload the extracted package to Magento root directory on your website server.
  5. Refresh cache
    In your Magento backend, go to System > Cache Management. Click Select All and then Actions > Refresh, then click Submit.

    After cache refresh, PWA menu & Simiconnector menu will appear:

II. Check Connector after install

  1. Get the keys from SimiCart Dashboard
    Go to the SimiCart Dashboard, on the Integration tab/ Install Connector section, save the Secret Key and Token Key to fill out your website admin panel.
  2. Update key
    • In your backend, go to Simiconnector > Connector Settings > General Setting. Copy Secret Key on SimiCart Dashboard and paste it to Secret Key box.

  3. Go back to your SimiCart Dashboard > Integration tab > Install Connector Enter your URL (URL that the connector was installed in) and click Verify.
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