Product Labels

  1. In your Magento backend, go to SimiCart > Simiconnector Settings > General Settings.
  2. Expand Product Label Configuration section. Make sure the Enable field is set to Yes.
  3. To add/configure product labels, go to SimiCart > Rich Content > Product Labels.
  4. On this page, you can see a list of product labels and you can add new product labels by clicking Add Product Label.
    • Status: Choose if you want the label to be Enabled (shown to customers) or
      Disabled (not shown to customers)
    • Store View: Choose the store that you would like the label to appear
    • Label Name: Choose a name for your label
    • Description: This is shown to admin only, not to customers
    • Image: You can select an image to appear behind the label text
    • Position: The relative position that the label will appear on your product
    • Priority: Select a priority level. The higher the value, the higher the priority of
      this label.
    • Text: Write any text to appear on the product label (-10%, Sale, etc v.v)
    • Product ID(s): Select one or more products on which this label will be shown
  5. Finally, click Save.
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