Create Push Notifications

Go to your Magento backend, select SimiCart > Notifications > Manage Notifications. To add a custom notification, click on Add Notification button.

Step 1: Configure Notification Content

  • Store View: Select the store you want to send notification. Each one contains another list of services.
  • Send To: Select the device you want to send: Test App or Live App
  • Device Type: Send to either AndroidIOS device or both (All). It's recommended to send to only Android or iOS.
  • Show Popup: If you choose Yes, there will be a popup showing up on mobile screen when notification comes.
  • Title, Image, Message: It comprises title, image, and message of the popup that you want to show on mobile screen.
  • Direct viewers to: Choose where the customers will be directed to. There are 3 options for you to choose

1. Product In-app: Open the product you have selected.

Product ID: you can select products you want to show with your customers 

2. Category In-app: Open the category you have selected.

Category ID: you can select the category you want to show with your customers.

3. Website Page: Open the Web Page you have selected. URL: The link of webpage you want to show.

Step 2: Select devices you want to push notification to

Within this section, you can choose to individually push to one or a group of your customers based on the below criteria.

  • ID: The number indicated when the device is added
  • Device Type: Type of device you want to send notification to (Android, iPhone,iPad or both <Recommendation: it is better that you send notification to one platform (Android or iOS) at a time>
  • Country, State/Province, City, Zip Code: Address, country, state, city, zip code you want to send notification to (E.g. 311 Wall street, United States)
  • Created Date: The date that this device was added
  • Is Demo:
    • NO: send notifications to Live apps (published on app stores)
    • YES: send notifications to Test apps (not published on app stores).

After finishing, you can choose to Send the notification at once or Save and Continue Edit it. You can see all the list of notifications showing on Simiconnector > Connector Settings > Notifications History where you can review, edit and resend them anytime.


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