1. Go to Simiconnector > Mobile Tracking > Settings. Make sure Enable is set to Yes. You can configure app notifications here.

2. Add roles for users: Go to Simiconnector > Mobile Tracking > Roles. Click Add Role

In “Edit Role” page, add Title for the role and then select which features/views that you want to allow for this role.

3. Add users: Go to Simiconnectore > Mobile Tracking > Users. Click Add User.

  • Enable: You can choose to make this user available or not.
  • Title: Create a title for this user
  • Role: Assign a role for this user. This user will inherit the permissions of that role.
  • Profile Image: Upload an avatar for this user. Please upload a square image (e.g. 200px x 200px)
  • Customer Email: this will be the user’s login email. This user must already exist in your website Customers list. The password of this user’s account is also the password to log into Simi Sales Tracking.

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