Product Video

1. Configure in SimiCart Dashboard

Step 1: Navigate to your Simicart Dashboard, click on App Builder > Features then find Video.


Step 2: In Manage Video page, you will be able to Enable Product Video plugin by choosing Yes in the drop-down.

--> The action is auto-saved



2. Configure in Magento Backend

Step 1: In your backend, go to Simiconnector > Rich Content > Videos


Step 2: Click on Videos to manage videos on your mobile shopping apps.

If you want to edit current video, click on the video title. Then you can edit the information of each video. Remember to click on Save Video when you have finished editing.


Step 3: Click on Add New to add more videos


  • Status: Select Enabled/Disabled to display video or not.
  • Title: Enter the video’s name you want to show on your app.
  • YouTube Video URL: Input the URL of the video on YouTube.
  • Product ID: the product’s ID you want to show this video on (You can choose more than 1)

Finally, click Save.


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