1. Create a Braintree Account

*Note: Sandbox account allows you to get a feel for the Braintree experience before applying for a merchant account or going to production.

Go to, click on Sign up now if you want to create an account in Production mode or click on Try the sandbox for Sandbox mode.


For Sandbox case, you will be required to fill out all information. Click Try the sandbox when you have completed all of them.


Then, check your inbox to find out the confirmation email. This email contains a link to your sandbox dashboard.


Your dashboard will look like below.


In Dashboard tab, under Sandbox Keys & Configuration, you will see Merchant IDPublic Key and Private Key. They will be used for further steps.


Go to Settings > Processing and find Merchant Account ID, which will be also used for further steps.


In Settings > Processing, you also need to configure for the payment methods you want to use. List of payment methods includes PayPal, Android Pay, and Apple Pay.


Add an Apple Merchant ID for Apple Pay (if you want to use Apple Pay in Braintree)

After enabling Apple Pay, click on Options to add the Apple Merchant ID for Apple Pay activated.


If you have added the Apple merchant IDs before, you can choose to make one to default. This Merchant ID will be used to configure for Braintree payment on the Simi connector.


If you have not added any Apple Merchant ID before or you want to add a new one, click to Add button.


Please follow the guide on this next page, then finish by uploading the Apple Pay certificate.


2. Configuration on Magento backend

After registering for a Braintree account, this section will demonstrate how to integrate Braintree with your mobile app.

Log in to your Magento backend, go to Simiconnector > Payment > Braintree.


Under Simi – Brain tree Payment section, you will see all the configurations for this payment.


  • Enabled: Choose “Yes” if you want to enable Braintree payment.
  • Title: Name will be shown in the payment list.
  • New order status: Status of the order after purchased.
  • List Payment Gateway: List of payment will be shown in Braintree UI.
  • Payment from Applicable Countries: Choose “All Allowed Countries” to make payment available in all countries or choose “Specific countries” to make payment available in some countries.
  • Payment from Specific Countries: Choose some specific countries which payment will be available.
  • Merchant ID: Merchant ID from the above step (Braintree Sandbox account part).
  • Merchant Account ID: Merchant Account ID from the above step (Braintree Sandbox account part).
  • Public Key: Public Key from the above step (Braintree Sandbox account part).
  • Private Key: Private Key from the above step (Braintree Sandbox account part).
  • Apple Merchant: The Apple merchant ID you added and made default on the Braintree Apple Pay options configuration (see the above step).
  • Google Merchant: Follow this link to find your Google Merchant
  • Sandbox Mode: Choose “Yes” if you want to enable sandbox mode. Choose “No” if your account is in production mode.
  • Finally, click Save.
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