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Before starting with the transfer process, please make sure that you already have Google Play Developer Account.

To transfer an Android app from SimiCart Account to your Google Play Account, it requires these pieces of information:

  • Developer’s name of your account
  • Your email address (email purchased for Google Play Developer Account)
  • Transaction ID of your account’s Developer Console registration
  1. Where can I find my Developer’s name?

Developer’s name appears when you click on Android icon at the top right of the screen.


Another way to get this name is: Go to Settings, then you can find it in Developer Profile.



  1. How can I get Transaction ID?

Navigate to and log in to your account.


Go to Subscriptions and services then choose View Purchases in Other purchase activity.



Find your purchase for Google Play Account.



Click on this order then you can find your Transaction ID.


After you've got all the above information, email them to to request Google Play account transfer.

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