Create a Facebook App

This guide includes:

  1. Register and Configure a Facebook App
  2. Publish your app
  3. Add platform for your Facebook App
  4. Create submission for Approval
  5. Share your Facebook App

I. Register and Configure a Facebook App

*Note: The account you use to register Developer account in Facebook should be different from your personal Facebook account for security purpose and convenience in support.

Before creating a developer account, log in to your Facebook account:

Go to then click on Get Started Button.


If you have not verified your account completely, provide your phone number for the confirmation step.


If you have completed verification step, you will see the below dialog. Click Next.


Specify your App name and Email then click Next.


You can choose a description or simply click Skip this step.


Choose Add Your First Product to create your Facebook App.


Your Facebook application dashboard will look like below.


On your Dashboard page, you can see Facebook App Name and App ID. It will be used for adding on SimiCart dashboard later.i


Go to Settings – Basic then fill the privacy policy URL in and upload App Icon.


On SimiCart dashboard, open App Builder/Features page. Click Facebook Connect.

On the Configure page, make sure that you fill out all the needed information as in the image below. Please note that you need to change the Enable field into Yes.

(Facebook App ID and Facebook App Name were obtained at previous steps.)

Note: Information is auto-saved


II. Publish your app

In App Review page, click on the switch button to make your app public.


Confirm the pop-up.


III. Add platform for your Facebook App

Go to Settings - Basic then choose Add Platform


1. Add iOS platform

Fill all the required information into the fields.

  • Bundle ID is your app ID
  • iPhone Store ID and iPad Store ID (optional) can be taken in your iTunes Connect dashboard after your app is published


2. Add Android platform

The Android platform should be configured as the followings:

  • Google Play Package Name is your Identify key
  • Class Name is constant with com.simicart.core.MainActivity
  • Key Hashes should be replaced with default value +nLeo5yDhUO0HrE8qTLcl/AMYDI=. This is the test key and not valid for your app but necessary for further steps


Open your app and log in with Facebook, you will see the screen below. The text in the red rectangle is the hash key for your app. Put this in the hash key box in Facebook Developer.

Note: Facebook hash key is different between test app and release app. After you have published your app to Google Play, please do the above steps again.


IV. Create submission for Approval

* Note that this section requires your app to be already available on App Store and Google Play.

Open App Review page, click notes on App Verification to verify your Android and iOS app.


Click Upload Android App.


Select Download it from Google Play.


Finally, click Confirm.


Do the same with iOS App:

  • Click Upload iOS App
  • Select Download it from the Apple App Store
  • Click Confirm


After you’ve done editing notes, click Submit for Review.


After this, just wait for the Facebook team to review. This can take 1 to 2 days.

After they approve it, you can see the list of approved items as the following:


V. Share your Facebook App

Step 1: Go to, login to your Facebook account.


Step 2: Choose My Apps. Then choose the Facebook App you would like to share with SimiCart


Step 3: In the App Dashboard, choose Roles. Then click on Add Developers


Step 4: Fill in the blank with 100008607818311 and then choose Submit


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