Create Firebase Dynamic Links

Note: If you want to use Firebase Dynamic Links for your iOS app, you must have an existing iOS app on

Step 1: Go to your app on (If you don't have an app on Firebase yet, follow this guide). On Overview screen, open Settings of your Firebase iOS app. Then enter an iOS App Store ID and your Apple Developer Account Team ID.


You can get an App Store ID and an Account Team ID by following below images.



Step 2: On your Firebase Project, select Dynamic Links tab, click New Dynamic Link.

Step 3: You need to follow step by step as the following images.


Step 4: Copy the Dynamic Link and go to your SimiCart account dashboard. Go to App Builder/Features and search Simi Deeplink. Then paste the link to Firebase Dynamic Links Domain text box.

In your Firebase Console, on Overview screen, open Settings of your Firebase iOS app. Click the button GoogleService-Info.plist to download the Google Plist file. Then, upload this file onto SimiCart Dashboard.

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