Paypal Mobile

Go to and log in to Developer website using your PayPal account by clicking on the Log into Dashboard button at the top right of the page.


In My Apps & Credentials, click on Create App button.


On Create New App page, enter your App Name then click on Create App.


After that, you will see the REST API Credentials for Sandbox mode and Live mode.

You can switch between Sandbox and Live by click on the button at the top right corner.

Sandbox means that all transaction information is sent to test servers at PayPal. No money trades hands in test transactions.

Live means that all transactions that you have submitted are sent to the financial institutions for processing and that real money is transferred.

Click Show to see Secret Key.


Go to your Magento admin panel, choose Simiconnector > Payment > PayPal Mobile.


Under Simi – PayPal Payment, enter the EmailClient ID and Client Secret which you have created from last step at section 1.


  • Enabled: Choose “Yes” if you want to enable PayPal payment.
  • Title: Name will be shown in payment list.
  • New order status: Status of order after purchased.
  • List Payment Gateway: List of payment will be shown in Braintree UI.
  • Payment from Applicable Countries: Choose “All Allowed Countries” to make payment available in all countries or choose “Specific countries” to make payment available in some countries.
  • Payment from Specific Countries: Choose some specific countries which payment will be available.
  • Sandbox Mode: Choose “Yes” if you want to enable sandbox mode. Choose “No” if your account is in production mode.
  • Use Credit Card: Choose “Yes” if you want to include Credit Card in PayPal payment.

To get API UsernameAPI Password and Signature, click on button Get Credentials from PayPal for Live mode or Sandbox Credentials for Sandbox mode. This might ask you to log in to your account associated with the mode.

If you are in Sandbox mode, please log in by your sandbox account.

If you are in Live mode, please log in by your live account.

After logged in, click on Request API credentials.


Click Agree and Submit button.


You will get API UsernameAPI Password and Signature by click on Show button next to each field.

Then enter these into Magento backend.


After completed all configuration, click on Save Config button at the top right of the page.

The process of integrating with PayPal Mobile Payment Gateway is completed. Your mobile App can now execute transactions via this payment gateway.

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