Checkout Information Management

  1. Log in to your Magento Backend. Locate to SimiCart > Simiconnector Settings > General Settings > Checkout Information Management
  2. In this section, all of your settings will be shown on the app the same as on your web store, via related fields such as Show CompanyShow AddressShow Country to Show Tax/VAT Number and ShowGender. You can also set how these fields will be displayed with 3 options: RequiredOptional or Hide (disable the field).

In Magento, CountryStateZipcode, and Telephone are required by default. If you want to hide or make them optional, you need to set a default value for them to avoid errors.

*Note: You need to save all settings after finish your work.

  1. Terms and Conditions is also a part of the Checkout management
    • Show Terms and Conditions: Choose to Yes or No to show Term and condition
    • Terms and Conditions Titlethe title to be displayed for your end users. (Terms, Notes, Shipping guides, etc.)
    • Terms and Conditions Content (HTML): create an HTML version of your terms and conditions here so that it will be displayed on app perfectly.


  2. Click Save Config.
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