How to Use Mixpanel Basic

Live View


Live View tab contains list of 50 last tracked events



By click on each event, you can view it detail



Also, you can sort list of events by click on each title. However, Mixpanel only allow one condition in a turn. In this case, I sort the list by Event in alphabet order.



The table can be expanded by adding more information columns. Click on the Add icon and tick any informations you want to show in the table.



Click on Filter, you can classify these events to show as you expect.







Segmentation provide a powerful tool which allows you to analyze your data retroactively and perform even more complex data analysis in real time.

    In the below picture:

  • 1 is filter tool. You can select event and classify by its property
  • 2 is histogram which allows you to choose displayed events, period of time, type of chart…
  • 3 is table of data from above histogram



  If you want to show which events was tracked from iOS devices. Please follow these steps:

  • In Properties select Operating System


  • Condition is equals


  • In Value, you select iOS


  • Here is the result



    You can also change type of chart to make it become intuitive.



    For more information, you can refer to this link:





Funnels is flexible tool to provide to help owners measure the actions people take in application and also optimize in-app experiment.

From Mixpanel dashboard, choose Funnels then select Build a funnel



In next step, choose a name for your funnel, specify steps then click Save button. Mixpanel’s funnels require at least 2 steps and you are able to add more steps.



The picture below shows result of the funnel



For more detail, you can refer to this tutorial:



A/B Testing


This mode give a power to test your idea without a new release to app store. It means that you are able to modify your app UI and track responses from your customers to decide which one is the best.

To use A/B Testing, please follow the below steps:

a. From Mixpanel dashboard, choose A/B Testing. Then select a platform you would like to create an experiment



b. In this case, I choose Android platform. Open your Android app and follow the guide



c. After connecting successful, your app screen will be displayed in Mixpanel



d. Click on a view item, a menu is displayed then you can pick some options to modify this page.



e. You can change image, opacity, set background color or remove this view from screen.
For example, if you choose another image for this view, it will be applied immediately for your app


        Your device screen will look like this:



f. For making this change available for your app from now, you need to click on Continue button, choose a name for your experiment then click OK



g. After save your experiment, you can choose Send this A/B test to everyone or Target this A/B test to a specific group of users. Finally, click Save and Run button to apply experiment to your app.



h. You are able to create more than one experiment or active/deactive them in management page



To explore more features of A/B Testing, you can refer this link:

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