Are there editions of PayPal Payment Gateways that I can integrate into Simicart's app?

Whenever customers enter a transaction, the more convenience payment is the better you increase user in-store experiences.

With SimiCart, you can use mobile payment gateways to allow customers to check out and pay for their orders quickly and securely from within the mobile shopping Application.

In order to bring you the most native checkout experience and reduce checkout time as well as to generate more sales, SimiCart is now integrated PayPal Payment Gateways with two versions:

Guide to building shopping apps for mobile without a website

- PayPal Mobile: This version is totally free. Cost-free but essential. PayPal Mobile is still limited and only supports some countries (view the list here). If you’re interested in this plug-in click this user guide to explore it more

- PayPal Express. This version comes with lots of costs. PayPal Express is accepted in almost all countries and more familiar than PayPal Mobile. With PayPal Express plug-in, you can integrate PayPal Express Checkout into your mobile shopping app easily just after some clicks. We figure out the user guide of PayPal Express plugin. Follow the link to read more.



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