Getting started: Introduction


If you're new to SimiCart and want a quick overview of what it's all about, this getting started tutorial is for you. We introduce the core concepts of SimiCart and then get you on your way to configuring and going live with your very own SimiCart App.

This should be a fairly quick read for you and we've thrown in some videos along the way to demonstrate a lot of what we discuss in the text. There are also optional step-by-step tasks that you can do in your own SimiCart Apps as you follow along with these lessons. 

If you haven't already started with our plans (as low as $499, with 30-day refund policy), you might want to do so now because this tutorial includes a number of simple tasks that you'll need to do in your own version of SimiCart 

You can purchase SimiCart by clicking here.

When you're ready to get started, click the Next button.


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