How To Configure App Coupon Code


In order to configure App Coupon Code, please follow below steps:



Step 1: Navigate to SimiConnector/ General Settings:



Step 2: In General Settings/ General Configuration, find the field Mobile App Dedicated Coupon and fill in the Coupon Code Prefix (only for App). For example, you would like to generate Coupon Code starts with the word "mobile" (only for App), you need to fill in the field of Mobile App Dedicated Coupon as "mobile".


Click on Save Config to save changes.


Step 3: Generating Coupon for App: In Promotions/ Shopping Cart Price Rules, choose an existing Coupon Code or generate a new one. 



Step 4: Choose tab Rule Information of Coupon Code from Step 3, and choose the value for field of Coupon as Specific Coupon. In Coupon Code, fill in a prefix value entered in Step 2.


Click on Save to save all changes. Open Front-end and App to check on changed information.





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