How to Configure Promote App


Promote your app mobile Pop up

This feature allows showing an alert message on customers’ mobile screen when they visit your store on mobile. The message is to encourage them download and install your app from app stores.

To configure, go to SimiCart Connector/ Settings/ Promote your app and fill in the fields. Then click on Save.


The result (if customer click OK, they would be lead to Google Play /Appstore):



Promote your app landing Page

This feature provides you a landing Page to present your app.

You can configure it via your Admin/Simiconnector/Promote App/Settings/CMS Configuration


After uploaded the image, you can view your landing page by clicking ‘CMS in Frontend’ url:



Customer registering/Subscribing email sending

After customers have registered your site, you can send them email directly to promote the app automatically just via changing configuration from Admin/Simiconnector/Promote App/Settings/Email Configuration



Check the result of email automation

View the result of email sending by clicking Admin/Simiconnector/Promote app/Report:




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