02 - Product Meta Data  


Product Meta Data  

Meta data is your first level of contact with potential customers who are searching for a product. Your title and description are selling tools that will either help to motivate a visitor to click your link or not. It is wise to use a descriptive title and a description that includes relevant words that a potential customer might search. The information is read by search engines that index your site. Although Google no longer places a value on meta keywords, other search engines continue to use the information. It’s a good practice to incorporate high-value keywords in your product titles and related content.


Meta Information

Field Descriptions




Meta Title

Store View

The title appears in the title bar and tab of your browser, and on search engine results pages (SERP1).

Meta Keywords

Store View

Relevant keywords that customers might use to find the product.

Meta Description

Store View

A few sentences that describe the product. Although not visible to the customer, some search engines include the meta description in search results.




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