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Root Categories

The category structure is like an upside-down tree, with the root on top. All categories in your catalog are nested below the root. Because the root category is the highest level of the catalog, your store can have only one root category active at a time. You can, however, create additional root categories for alternate catalog structures, different stores, and views. The root category is not visible to customers in the store.


Step 1: Create a New Root Category

1. On the Dashboard menu, select Catalog > Categories.

2. In the upper-left of the Manage Categories page, click the Add Root Category button. Then, complete the following required fields:

  • Enter a Name for the root category.
  • Set Is Active to “Yes.”
  • If you want this root category to be in the main menu, set Include in Navigation Menu to “Yes.”

3. Complete the remaining optional fields as needed:

  • Click the Choose File to upload a Thumbnail Image for the root category.
  • Enter a Description of the root category.
  • Click the Choose File button to upload an Image to the root category.
  • Complete the following meta data: Page Title l Meta Keywords l Meta Description

4. Click the Display Settings tab. Then, set Is Anchor to “Yes.”

5. When complete, click the Save Category button.


Step 2: Add Subcategories to the New Root

1. On the Categories page, click the General tab.

2. In the category tree on the left, click to select the new root category you created in the last step.

3. Click the Add Subcategory button.

4. Give the subcategory a Name, and set Is Active to “Yes.”

5. Click the Save Category button.

6. Repeat this process to create as many subcategories as you need.


Step 3: Apply the New Root Category to Your Store

1. On the Dashboard menu, select System > Manage Stores.

2. On the Manage Stores page, under Store Name, click the Main Store link.

3. Change Root Category to the new root category.

4. Click the Save Store button.


  1. Click the Save Store button.



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