Product Reviews & Ratings


Product Reviews & Ratings

Product reviews help to build a sense of community, and are considered more credible than any advertising money can buy. Product reviews help you build trust, a key element of the long-term loyalty, and often lead to sales.

The configuration determines whether customers must open an account with your store to be write a product review, or can submit a review as a guest. Requiring reviewers to open an account with your store can improve the quality of reviews by preventing anonymous submissions.

Besides, by default, customer can rate the quality, price, and value of a product. The average rating for each product appears in product detail page.


Add Your Review

Customers can write reviews for any product in your catalog. Reviews can be written from the product page by clicking the “Add Your Review” link. For products that haven't been reviewed, the link says, “Be the first to review this product.”

The number of stars indicates the satisfaction rating. Visitors can click the link to read the reviews and write their own. As an incentive, customers can receive reward points for submitting a review.

When a review is submitted, it is sent to the Admin for moderation. When approved, the review is published in your store.


To configure product reviews:

  1.   On the Admin menu, select System > Configuration. T hen in the panel on the left, under Catalog, select Catalog.
  2.   Click to expand the Product Reviews section.


Product Reviews

  1.   Set Allow Guests to Write Reviews according to your preference.
  2.   When complete, click the Save Config button.


Write a Product Review and rating


To moderate reviews:

  1.   On the Admin menu, select Catalog > Reviews and Ratings > Customer Reviews > Pending Reviews.


Pending Reviews

  1.   In the list, click a pending review to view the details, and edit if necessary.
  2.   To approve a pending review, change the Status from “Pending” to “Approved.” To reject a review, select “Not Approved.”
  3.   When complete, click the Save Review button.
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