Online Customers


Online Customers

You can see who’s online in your store at any given time, and examine the contents of the customer’s shopping cart, past purchases, and recent activity.

The length of the online session is set in the configuration, and determines how long the customer is visible from the Admin. By default, the online session is set to fifteen minutes.


Online Customers


To configure the session length:

1. On the Admin menu, select System > Configuration.

2. In the panel on the left, under Customers, select Customer Configuration.

3. Click to expand the Online Customers Options section.

4. In the Online Minutes Interval field, enter the number of minutes before the online session expires. You can leave the field empty to accept the default of fifteen minutes.


Online Customers Options

5. When complete, click the Save Config button.


To see customers online:

1. On the Admin menu, select Customers > Online Customers.

2. Take note of the customer account. Then on the Admin menu, select Customers > Manage Customers, and open the customer record in edit mode.

3. To see the contents of the customer's shopping cart, expand the Shopping Cart section.


Customer's Shopping Cart

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