How To Configure Instant Contact on Magento 2


1.   Login to your Magento 2 Backend. Locate to Simicart/General Settings/ Instant Contact Configuration.



   2.   On this new page, you can configure instant contact setting here:

-           Enable: Choose to Enable or Disable Instant Contact (Disable = not showing)

-           Email: The email addresses are received emails from customers (Add more emails by separating them with a comma)

-           Phone Number: Phone number will be received calls from customers

-           Message Number:  Message number will be received messages from customers

-           Website URL: Your website URL that customers will be led to when they tap on its icon. The link should be in http:/// or form.

-           Style: Choose Grid or List to decide how contact icons display in Contact Us page of your app.

-           Icon Color: Color of contact Icons (by default it’s SimiCart theme color) you can enter the color code or use color picker.



*Remember to save all changes by clicking on save.

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