How To Configure QR & Barcode on Magento 1 Backend



Step 1: Manage Store

In your backend, choose Simiconnector > User Experience > Manage QR & Barcodes




On this Manage QR & Barcodes page, you can view a list that shows information of all codes in your site such as Barcode, QRcode, Product Name, Product Sku, Created Date and status.

You can use the mass action to delete or change status of codes. Besides, you can also add new QR & Barcode


Step 2: Add new QR & Barcode

Click on the Add New Custom QR & Barcode button on the top right corner of the Manage QR & Barcodes page. You will be navigated to the Add QR & Barcode page.


On this page, you can select one or multiple products then number of QR & Barcode will be created respectively. In addition, you can specify to create each of Barcode, QR code or both of them automatically. After choosing products, click on Save Item button.


Step 3: Edit QR & Barcode

On Manage QR & Barcodes page, click on the item you want do edit. You will be navigated to the Edit QR & Barcode page.


You are able to edit Barcode and QR code or test whether they are working well or not. Also, the QR & Barcode can be Enabled/Disabled or Deleted from this page.

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