Facebook Connect: Configure Facebook App Invite


***Please note that Namespace is required for your project. You can create your own namespace.


Go to, then select your project


Select platforms to build with your app link


For iOS platform:

  • URL with custom scheme (required): this has the format [scheme]://[Your base URL], where [scheme] is your Identify Key without the dot “.” (If your Identify Key is com.simicart then your scheme will be comsimicart) and [Your base URL] is the URL you entered on SimiCart dashboard
  • App Name (optional): the name of your app
  • App Store ID (optional): the app ID for your app in the App Store


For Android platform:

  • URL (required): the same URL as configured in iOS section
  • App Name (optional): the name of your app
  • Package Name (required): this is the same as the Identify key of your app in SimiCart dashboard. This should be in the reverse domain format. For example: com.simicart


After configuring your data, click Next. Your app link will be generated underneath.


Then go to your Magento backend – SimiconnectorUser ExperienceFacebook Connect Settings.

You need to fill Invite Link from the previous step and provide Image Description Link (the link to your popup image which shows in your invitation).



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