Facebook Connect: Add platform for Facebook App


In this section, we are going to add iOS and Android platforms to the Facebook app.

Go to Settings - Basic then choose Add Platform


1. Add iOS platform

Fill all the required information into the fields.

  • Bundle ID is your app ID
  • iPhone Store ID and iPad Store ID (optional) can be taken in your iTunes Connect dashboard after your app is published


2. Add Android platform

The Android platform should be configured as the followings:

  • Google Play Package Name is your Identify key
  • Class Name is constant with com.simicart.core.MainActivity
  • Key Hashes should be replaced with default value +nLeo5yDhUO0HrE8qTLcl/AMYDI=. This is the test key and not valid for your app but necessary for further steps


Open your app and log in with Facebook, you will see the screen below. The text in the red rectangle is the hash key for your app. Put this in the hash key box in Facebook Developer.

Note: Facebook hash key is different between test app and release app. After you have published your app to Google Play, please do the above steps again.



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