Facebook Connect: Register and configure a Facebook App


*Note: The account you use to register Developer account in Facebook should be different from your personal Facebook account for security purpose and convenience in support.

Before creating a developer account, log in to your Facebook account:

Navigate to then click on Get Started Button


If you have not verified your account completely, provide your phone number for the confirmation step.


If you have completed verification step, you will see the below dialog. Click Next


Specify your App name and Email then click Next


You can choose a description or simply click Skip this step


Choose Add Your First Product to create your Facebook App


Your Facebook application dashboard will look like below


On your Dashboard page, you can see Facebook App Name and App ID. It will be used for adding on SimiCart dashboard later


Go to SettingsBasic then fill the privacy policy URL in and upload App Icon


On SimiCart dashboard, open App Builder/Features page. Click Facebook Connect.

On the Configure page, make sure that you fill out all the needed information as in the image below. Please note that you need to change the Enable field into Yes.

(Facebook App ID and Facebook App Name were obtained at previous steps.)

Note: Information is auto-saved



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