Configure Reward Points System for Magento 1: Manage Transactions


Go to Backend > Simiconnector> User Experience> Reward Points> Transactions. All the transactions related to reward points will be shown as below:


On this Transaction Manager page, you can view a list of all transaction points together with general information including Customer, Transaction Type, Points Used, etc.
 Moreover, you can filter and search for the information you want as well as export this table to CSV/XML/Excel files.


You can Complete, Cancel or make transactions Expire by choosing the status in the Actions drop-down list and checking the boxes of those transactions you like before clicking on the Submit button.


To view details of each transaction, you can click on the corresponding row. Below is Transaction #122:


To add a new transaction, you can click on the Add Transaction button, fill out all the required data and then click on Save Transaction button.




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