Publish iOS apps: Publish App on the App Store


After finishing all the above steps, you need to come back to iTunes Connect to submit your app.

Step 1: Log in to iTunes Connect/My Apps. Then, tick on Add (the plus icon on the menu bar) and choose “New iOS app”.



Step 2: Fill out all required information

  • Select iOS Platforms
  • Name: Your App name
  • Primary Language: Your language
  • SKU: Your App name in lowercase
  • Bundle ID: your Identification Key
  • Then, you click on “Create”.


Step 3: When moved to a new page, you can change more information there:

  • App Name
  • Language
  • Privacy Policy URL
  • Category of your app: In “Primary” box, choose the option that’s related to your app content. Then, in “Secondary” box, choose the other field that your app content belongs to but this is optional.



Step 4: Select Pricing and Availability tab, update all required information. Then click Save.


Step 5: Select Prepare of Submission tab

  • Upload screenshots (5.5-Inch, 12.9-Inch)



Step 6: Scroll down and fill out all required information

  • Promotional Text: the Promotional text box lets you inform your App Store visitors of any current app features without requiring an updated submission. These texts will appear above your description in the App Store for customers with devices running iOS 11 or higher.
  • Description: Describe your App in less than 4000 characters (you should not use content related to Apple’s competitors).
  • Keywords: These keywords will help your customers search your App in Apple store.
  • Support URL: URL of Contact page in your website.
  • Marketing URL: URL of your website.


Step 7: Scroll down and get to “General App Information” section.

  • Upload your App icon: The image size is 1024 px * 1024 px with JPEG format.
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Rating: Choose “Edit” then tick on the option that is compatible with your app content.
  • Copyright
  • Trade Representative Contact Information



Step 8: Scroll down to enter “App Review Information” section.

  • Contact information: Fill in your business contact information.
  • Demo Account: Provide account to access your website so Apple can do needed tests.


Step 9: Scroll down and go to “Version Release” section.

Choose “Automatically release this version”.


Note: From Step 5 to Step 9, please remember to click “Save” on the upper right corner to save all the information that you have filled out.

Step 10: Open your Spotlight search and search for “Application Loader”. (If your Mac does not have this application, you can download then install it). Next, open Application Loader and Sign in with your Apple ID.


  • In Template Chooser, click “Delivery Your App” and click “Choose”. Then you browse the IPA file you have downloaded from your SimiCart App Management, click Next. The process will take around 10 minutes.



Step 11: Go back on iTunes Connect/My Apps, choose the app that you have created, and click  “Build”.



Step 12: Choose the app file you have uploaded and a pop-up will appear. Click “Done”. Then “Save” - on the right corner.


Step 13: Get back to My Apps and click “Submit for Review”.

There will be a drop-down with 3 options. Choose “No” and Send.


You now have completed the process of App submission to Apple Store. Normally, it might take 3-5 days to receive Apple approval. After your app gets accepted, your customers can download it directly from Apple Store.


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