Publish iOS apps: Get IPA file


After completing the 2 previous stages, you have accumulated a Provision file and a Developer’s Certificate file. Now, login to SimiCart's App Dashboard to get the release file.

Step 1: Go to SimiCart/App Builder/Going Live. Select the “Your Apple developer account”, then click “Save”.



Step 2: Enter the version Name of your app

  • If it is the first time you upload the app to Apple Store, version name is 1.0.0
  • If you already had the app on Apple Store, the new Version Name must be bigger than the last one (Go to -> Login your Apple Developer account -> Go to My Apps -> Select Your app -> Choose Activity menu -> Choose All Builds tab)



Step 3: Scroll down, upload the Provision file, Certificate file (.p12), enter password then click “Get release app



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