Publish iOS apps: Get provision file


The second material you need to prepare for your app submission is a Provision file. Please follow the steps below to get it:

Step 1: Prepare on Apple Developer Center

  • First, come back to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles/ Identifiers/ App IDs and choose Add (the plus icon on the top right corner).


  • Next, on “App ID Description”, fill out the Name for your app. Please note that you should not use special characters as Apple recommends. Scroll down and tick on “Explicit App ID” in the section of “App ID Suffix”.


Step 2: Get information on SimiCart App Management

  • Login your account on SimiCart, then go to App Builder/Publish. You will find the your Bundle Id.

Note: The ID in the box is just an example


Step 3: Get Provision file

  • Get back to Apple Developer Center and go to App ID Suffix. Then you fill in the Bundle ID blank with the Bundle Id you got on SimiCart App Management.


  • Scroll down and tick on “Associated Domain”, “Push Notifications” then “Continue”.


  • On the left bar, choose “Provisioning Profiles”/ “Distribution” and tick on Add (the plus icon on the top right corner).


  • You are now directed to Distribution section, please tick on “App Store” then “Continue”.


  • Now you have entered the “Select App ID” section, choose the App ID you have created (automatically provided in the drop-down). Then click on “Continue”.


  • Similarly, on “Select certificates” section, choose the one you have just created among options. Then you click on “Continue” again.


  • When you are moved to the "Generate" part, fill the app name as your “Profile Name” and click “Continue”. Your Provision file is then created. You can now download it and get the Provision file with the format (.mobileprovision).



 Now that you have finished getting your provision file, let's move to the next stage: Get IPA file.


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